After about 18 months in the making, I am very proud to announce the release of my book about online fundraising for non-profit organisations Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works.

Digital Fundraising Book

Digital fundraising How To Book by Shanelle Newton Clapham


Successful digital fundraising case studies & examples

I’ve tried very hard to make this a practical book about how digital fundraising could work for non-profit organisations. I wanted it to be a useful book that gives loads of examples – 27 examples of excellent online campaigns and digital experiences from non-profit organisations – mostly in Australia, and case studies (16 case studies are detailed). Many chapters finish with a “Next steps” guide on what your organisation can do to starting thinking about, testing or implementing digital fundraising initiatives into your overall fundraising mix.

Bonus digital fundraising planning & reporting templates for download

I’ve also made the decision to offer up a set of digital fundraising strategy planning templates and a set of online reporting templates that come as a bonus pack with every purchase of the book (or you can buy these digital fundraising templates as a separate download). This is the real pot of gold as there is over 10 years of IP built into these planning & reporting templates that will give your team a leg up in their digital fundraising planning, testing and tracking. The bonus downloads is a pack of 11 ebooks and excel reporting templates, complete with formulas included.


Who this digital fundraising book is for

This book about digital fundraising that actually works. In the book I demonstrate and outline strategies that WILL drive great revenues for non-profit organisations through online marketing & fundraising channels.

The book has been written to convince the traditional fundraising skeptics that online fundraising is a viable revenue channel for every organisation. The book clearly demonstrates the strengths of online as well as acknowledging some of the areas that digital is weaker in. The dozens of examples and case studies provide absolute proof as to the financial gains that digital can offer organisations who dive into digital and make it a priority for their business.

My hope is that it will encourage Fundraising Directors, Executives & Board Members to invest in seriously trialling and testing digital fundraising initiatives. Please, buy the book and consider the opportunities for yourself – or give me a call and let me convince you.


Get your copy of Attracting Donors Online now

Depending on how you prefer to read, you have a choice between a physical book, delivered to your door (without the 11 bonus templates downloaded online) or an eBook version that you can read on your computer or tablet.