Acquire & retain donors using online

This ebook will show you how to use digital channels to acquire and “on-board” new supporters and convert them into donors faster and with better results than you’re currently getting.

Would you like to achieve these results from any of your fundraising channels?

  • 29% lower $CPA than F2F
  • 300% higher first gift completion
  • Almost double the donor retention at 6 months
  • 2.75 ROI at 36 months
  • Close to break even in Year 1

Acquire donors through digital fundraising

Value & nurture your supporters

An on-boarding strategy is a series of communications that you can use for many different streams of supporters. You can largely re-use the same content across different streams with some slight tweaks based on where each group of supporters currently sits in the donor journey.

  • You can convert newly acquired leads into donors
  • You can upgrade existing cash donors into regular givers and
  • You can convert email subscribers and activists into donors.

Read this eBook

This ebook focused on the longer-term nurture journey. The strategy I will present  is to convert a low-input supporter into a financial donor over the course of 16 weeks. A variety of action based and financial asks will be sprinkled strategically throughout your communications calendar during the on-boarding period. We do this by using a 3-part process of capturing your new supporters attention.

PART 1 – Acquire supporters through digital channels (specifically email, online petitions, SMS and web or video content).

PART 2 – Set up timed communications to take the new supporter on a journey of discovery.

PART 3 – Ask the primed supporter to make a financial donation.

As you can see, we are getting excellent results.

Please start nurturing your donors and supporters today.


Acquiring Donors Online