Your social success depends on the content you share

On Social Media you literally are what you share.
The power of social media is in the ability to reach the friends of your community & expand your reach to new audiences.

Social media marketing is promoting your business through the use of social media sites such as Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and the almighty Facebook. Social media sites are communities of people who share their thoughts and lives with their virtual and real life friends. For businesses, Social Media is about have a two way conversation with your customers and allowing them to engage amongst themselves. For your organisation to be successful in social media, its all about how your content and message resonates with your community.

Social media can spread your brand message fast

Social Media can amplify your brand’s messages through good old fashion word of mouth – but online

Communication has changed, just the platform for it

Social media is the digital version of “word of mouth” marketing. The power of social media is in the ability to reach the friends of your community, thus exponentially increasingly your potential reach. So how do you reach the friends of your friends? Well, its all about content. The stories, the images, the videos the games, the polls, the downloads. On social media, you literally are what you share, because this is how people know you.

Social Media is not a campaign with a start & and end date

If you get into Social Media, it has got to be for the long haul. It takes time to build a community and have them like and trust you. And the way you build a relationship with them is by talking to them about the things that they care about. So if you think you can build this large following for a 3 month campaign and then do nothing and then have your community still love you 6 months later when your next campaign launches, you’ll be sadly mistaken.


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Social Media is about PeopleUse it as a way to build a relationship with your audience

Building your community of brand advocates

If you’re prepared to put some media budget into it, you will be able to grow a modest community pretty fast. Because people put their whole lives online, you are able to target your advertising at people that are interested in what you offer, and you can specifically target the friends of the people already in your community. It gets easier to build traction and grow organically once you’ve got a decent size group to start with.

Creating great online experiences

Social Media has not proved itself to be a very effective revenue driver for most business verticals, but what it does seem to do is introduce new audiences to a brand and help retain the customers that they’ve already got. If you focus on content and engaging with your community in a way that they respond to, their experience will be positive, they will like, comment and share more. Which really, is what it’s all about.

We practice what we preach

We are firm believers in walking the walk, so if you choose to Join Parachute Digital’s social communities, you’ll see that we invest in content, we give away a lot of advice for free, we’re responsive and respectful of our supporters and we learn from them every day.

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