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When writing the book Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works, Shanelle Newton Clapham decided to make available to her readers some digital fundraising planning and reporting templates that she has developed over a decade of working with non-profit organisations.

In this bundle of planning and reporting templates you will get:

  • 6 x Digital Fundraising Planning templates
  • 5 x Digital Reporting templates
  • 6 x online marketing and fundraising eBooks and white papers – the digital on-boarding eBook will be invaluable to your organisation.

Digital Fundraising Planning Templates

The Digital Fundraising Planning templates are designed to help you plan and develop your strategy by utilizing these tools that Shanelle, CEO of Parachute Digital, has found useful for documenting her online fundraising process. Included in this bundle of planning templates you will find:

  1. A template for creating an audience or website persona
  2. A content planning template that will give you the big picture of your external communications across all fundraising and marketing channels (digital and traditional)
  3. Two process and communications planning templates and a project plan for developing an online donor acquisition and digital on-boarding strategy
  4. Plus a template for projecting email fundraising and communications response and conversion rates.

Digital Fundraising Reporting Templates

The Digital Reporting templates are laid out as excel spreadsheets with formulas and calculations embedded to track and measure your digital fundraising channels. Included in this bundle of reporting templates you will find:

  • 4 x reporting templates in 1 document for Year on Year and Month on Month topline digital performance and online metrics report (tracking your mobile and web sites) as well as reporting templates for your organisation’s Email fundraising and their paid search or search engine marketing (SEM)
  • A reporting template to help you really get to know your online supporters and how they differ from your traditional offline donors and supporters. This template is to help you breakdown your database into meaningful segments.

Also included in this bundle are six eBooks and white papers that Parachute Digital have released to support organisations in their digital readiness and online marketing and fundraising strategies. They have been added to this package as a bonus – the most useful for Fundraising is probably the “Cultivating Prospects” eBook about acquiring and on-boarding new donors and supporters through digital channels.

We welcome any feedback about how useful these templates are for your organisation.


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