Is your marketing future focused?


mobile marketing is more than just using Apps

Surely we don’t need to convince you that mobile is where the future of internet marketing is going? Think of your own mobile usage and how it has changed in the last 5 years? Did you get the very first iPhone, released in 2007, shipped over from America and hacked so you could use it in Australia? Probably not, but we did.

Any new online platform or digital communication you consider building, should have mobile as its centre focus.

You don’t design a website, you design a mobile site, with the most vital information that users will need access to while they’re on the go. Then you expand on that and add some more functionality for tablets and then give your desktop computer users the full whizz bang version. Or maybe in a couple of years you build a mobile app that can do everything and you won’t even need a full-width desktop website. It’s not that far off.

Design First for MobileMobile friendly websites should be your top digital priority

What exactly is Mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is how we communicate with our audience using wireless media to send messages with information or promotions about products or services. Wireless media include mobile phones, tablet computers, digital LCD screens as well as roadside billboards and bluetooth networks.

Mobile marketing is now so intrinsically linked with Social Media and Search and Email and Content that we can no longer distinguish between them. Your phone or tablet or the Bluetooth network become the device or destination for an infinite internet distribution channel.

SoLoMo - Social Local Mobile can be an important marketing initaitive for bricks and mortar stores.

Make mobile your number 1 priority

We cannot emphasise enough how much you need to make sure that mobile is at the centre of your digital marketing strategy. Mobile advertising is still in its infancy but consumer behaviour is very advanced. Organisations that invest in their user’s mobile experience will reap the rewards. People use Google to find information and Google’s only loyalty is to the most relevant information. If you’re searching on a mobile phone, Google delivers up the best mobile content. Will your business be found?

We’ve been writing loads of articles about mobile, which you can read on our blog.
If you’re thinking that maybe it’s time you thought a little more about how your customers use mobile & what experience they’re getting on your site, give us a call. We can help.

We use the term “Digital Marketing” because we feel it better incorporates mobile, location-based & experiential marketing, than the more common known term of online marketing. But they are interchangeable