Digital fundraising results focused

We work exclusively with the not-for-profit industry to help charities fund their amazing work.

We are proud fundraisers, but we are marketers also.

Our job as digital fundraising and marketing consultants is to champion the end user, usually the donor. We want to give every person who donates to charity an excellent online experience. That means making it quick – to scan and consume the information, and easy – to make the donation. If we make the experience quick and easy, they will come back again, and give more.

All of our digital strategies centre around 4 digital fundraising fundamentals:

  1. Give the user a great experience
  2. Tell them a story they can relate to (and care about)
  3. Base the strategy on sound data and analysis
  4. Make sure the donor’s experience is consistent with the messages they’re getting offline. We promote integrating online with offline at every touch-point.

Using online to Acquire New Donors

Digital fundraising case study

Use digital fundraising to acquire new regular giving donors.

Many of our clients come to us to help them acquire new donors to their organisation. We do this through online lead generation and an email nurture journey.

The email journey is designed to onboard a new supporter to the organisation, build their trust and show them the incredible work that is being done. Our stories demonstrate the work and at each touch-point there is an opportunity for the donor to engage and do something. We always include a cash ask, but mostly these are action items. Our motto is “show, don’t tell”.

And it’s working. You can see the results that we have achieved with the Wilderness Society.

Delivering Online Revenue

But we don’t just nurture supporters and engage them with stories. We show our charity clients how to drive revenue through their digital channels.

Through a variety of strategies and tactics we can help you get more money from your existing donors and using conversion strategy similar to the acquisition nurture journey, we aim to convert your non-financial supporters into passionate donors.

Convert supporters into donors

Converting non-financial supporters into passionate donors

We often come across clients who think they a new website will solve their online fundraising problems. This is rarely the case. We work with organisations to make some small, but significant changes to their donation pages and to engage their supporters with well told stories – and this deliver direct revenue.

By reducing your landing page drop off rate by as little as 3%, and increasing the conversion rate you get from donation pages and interested visitors by just a few points, you can generate a massive rise in revenue.