Our happy clients

“Shanelle and her Parachute Digital team value creativity at the core of the digital work that they do. Shanelle brings digital expertise and deep compassion for your charity’s cause with an invaluable people-centric collaborative approach.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work with Parachute Digital on many more exciting projects to come!”

Maisa Lopes Gomes de Paiva

Digital Strategy Manager, Cerebral Palsy Alliance

“Shanelle is not only an extremely experienced digital strategist and consultant, she is also a great friend who will invite you to a Halloween party with your kids or will lend a listening ear in your time of need. She is always only a call or text away, any time of the day! This unique combo of professionalism and being down-on-earth is Shanelle’s perfect picture.

Parachute Digital is a group of dynamic, creative and engaging individuals, able to cover all aspects of digital fundraising. They are proactive and inspiring and will help you run your online lead generation campaigns, as well as building all sorts of retention journeys. What I really like about them is that they are truly genuine and will share their knowledge with their clients and help us drive our campaigns with passion. They get involved with the cause and help the charity strive for success. Thank you Parachute Digital team! 😊”

Maddalena Rossi

Manager, Direct Marketing & Fundraising, Vision Australia

“I’ve worked with Parachute Digital across two organisations and 4 years. When I have a big picture to consider and how strategy and content will fit together, I think of Shanelle.
Parachute Digital have been consistent in their message since I’ve known them – that your digital fundraising strategy should be based on content. It’s rewarding for everyone when you put your supporter’s needs and experience at the centre of your strategy.
When we’ve worked with Parachute in this capacity, the outcome has been stellar – a contribution to 100% growth in website traffic in 1 year by focusing on relatable and searchable content.
I’m delighted to have Parachute Digital as a sounding board and part of the wider team – Thank you and long may it continue.”
Katherine Newton

CEO, r u OK?

“You guys are amazing! It’s sooooo good to be working with you guys. Such a breath of fresh air!
I can’t wait to get you working with our team to up-skill them. I have heard nothing but massive amounts of praise for you, Mamta and Patricia who have just been so awesome!
After a meeting with Shanelle, one of my team just called to say how impressed he was with her knowledge and that you don’t try and sell him stuff. He is a VERY hard man to impress and he sees through all people – high praise indeed!
Now we have our CEOs absolute seal of approval to work with Parachute Digital – it’s going to be a beautiful partnership.”
Marnie Fleming

Individual Giving Manager, Starship Hospital Foundation

“After 25+ years of Jumping Rope, we needed a fresh look at how we were talking to parents and jumpers. Parachute Digital are known for their supporter journey’s and their focus on content that converts, and their reputation is well deserved.
The first Jump Rope for Heart campaign they ran for us saw an increase in the number of donations we got from the parents fundraising journey. The second campaign they ran for us improved the number of donations from Facebook. The third Jump Rope for Heart campaign was our 35th anniversary and the ad creative they designed was perfect to reflect the legacy of this historic school event. I find the Parachute team to be open and energetic, strategic and ROI focused and generally at the top of their game.”

Susan Williams

[Former] National Manager for Campaigns and Community Fundraising, Heart Foundation

“Not enough charities are investing in digital as a true fundraising channel – and they’re missing out! Online has provided Oxfam Australia with a new donor acquisition channel and we’ve firmly set our sights on growing this part of our fundraising strategy. Parachute Digital will open your eyes to so many new communications and fundraising opportunities and I urge you to try them, because they work.” 

Adam Walsh

Head of Supporter Development, Oxfam Australia

“By following the guidance that Parachute Digital offers, we have gained hundreds of new regular giving donors in the last six months. Shanelle’s insistence on integrating digital communications with our traditional fundraising channels has delivered excellent results for The Wilderness Society. For us, online fundraising is producing higher quality donors at a lower cost. We couldn’t be more delighted.” 

Cath Hoban

[Former] Director of Marketing & Fundraising, The Wilderness Society Inc.

“I’ve been told I’m famous for finding good talent, and if that’s true then Shanelle and Mamta at Parachute Digital are a gold mine! I’ve known them for years. Team Parachute has run Peer to Peer campaigns for me across 3 organisations. They’ve written digital strategies for me that zoom right in on growth – in donors and dollars.
They’re excellent at fundraising content. When I needed advice on which digital platforms to use and the pro’s and cons, they answered the call.
I love working with (and sharing a wine with) the girls at Parachute Digital – and I know you will too. I whole-heartedly recommend Parachute Digital to you for all your digital fundraising needs.”

Lisa Cheng

Executive Director of Fundraising, Lifeline

We Love Our Clients

It is an honour and a pleasure for us to come into work every day and help you to make the world a better place.
Here are just a few of our favourite projects.

Royal Flying Doctor Service

Test Digital for Donor Acquisition

Camp Quality

Increasing Digital Income: 3 years & $30 Million 

The Heart Foundation

Jumping for Joy: A 152% ROI for The Heart Foundation

When we say that we are sought after, we aren’t bragging.

All of our work is referral based. This is because we under-promise and over-deliver.
We get excellent results, hence the good reputation.
We are straight shooters who will tell you exactly what is happening and why.
And we are generous with our knowledge, time and energy.

We help our clients

  • Alleviate the pain of uncertainty. We explain the how and why of digital
  • Speed things up so you never have to miss an opportunity
  • Unite your supporters so you can tap into even more outcomes (donations, actions, wins) for your cause

Clients Love Us Because

More revenue

Better conversion rates

Engaged supporters

… in short, results.

Our future clients

We only work with organisations that put their client or donor at the centre of their organisation’s strategy. Our clients are bold and innovative and in every way trying to make the world a better, easier place to live in.


We’re pleased as punch to have worked with and be working with: