Audits & Tracking

Human Behaviour Online - How people think and feel

Understanding how people think and feel

For us to understand what your user thinks and feels we must first be able to distinguish between what they say they want from a website, mobile site or social media interaction, and how they actually behave. To do this we track the user’s actual online behaviour. Behavioural analysis allows us to qualify the user’s intentions against their actual actions.

Digital data and analytics

Tracking and data analysis is ‘fundamental’ to our approach to digital marketing & fundraising – it is also one of the key differentiators between online marketing and offline.

We analyse your user data and pull out insights as to what your users are doing and how your customers are interacting with your brand. We can tell you where they are having great experiences that lead to sales and revenue and where they are dropping off. Digital user testing and interviews with your audience help us understand why they think, feel and act this way.

To manage this behavioural analysis we need to first set up the tracking in a way that allows us to gather these insights. Many organisations that I come across have set up web analytics, but haven’t configured it to give them any meaningful data. The other common scenario is that they have the tracking in place but choose not to look at it or use it to make better marketing decisions.

Understanding Online Behaviour
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Web Analytics tracking tools

There are many great online tools that allow us to make sense out of your website data – the most common is Google Analytics, because its very user friendly and its free. If you haven’t implemented Google Analytics on your website, we strongly recommend you look into it. And if you need some help, get in touch, we can help you set it up.

For more information on web analytics and data analysis, there are dozens of articles on our blog.