Campaigning for Change, Online

Digital Campaigning is mobilising. Mobilising your supporters to take action online. Mobilising your supporters to call their MP, boycott BP petrol stations, buy only chocolate that uses certified sustainable palm oil. Mobilising people to stand up and show up in person – as a bystander, as a consumer, as a customer – to protest rallies, to AGM meetings, as a volunteer. Digital campaigns advocate, motivate and prepare supporters for change.

Outsource your Digital Campaign to us. We can develop and implement a digital campaign strategy or work within your overall Theory of Change. We find ways to use digital channels to achieve key elements in your campaign’s critical path.


Your Critical (digital) Path

Digital Campaigns can also guide the theory of change. IF 20% of Environmental supporters change their energy provider to Powershop Green Energy, THEN AGL, Origin and Energy Australia will see that dirty coal has no future.

This is the people power momentum that only digital (alongside supportive media) can drive. Digital campaigns often deliver the numbers that make the crucial points in the critical path actually happen.

Why Digital Campaigns Win

Digital campaigning allows you to target and segment and personalise messages for the group of people whose opinion you must shift within your spectrum of allies.

Your digital campaign has the diversity you need to win. It is likely that your organisation’s online database (of activists and donors and stakeholders/ clients/ recipients) has been acquired using multiple calls to actions and campaigns over several years. Your campaign list is full of people who care about your cause more broadly, but who care deeply about different things your organisation has campaigned for. This diversity is an asset. You need a diverse group of advocates to influence their networks to make change happen. They* say you need 3.5% of the population to take action on a specific issue to make change happen.

Of course, your digital campaign needs a clear message with multiple frames that will appeal to different segments. We are experts in campaign messaging and digital content, testing and online advertising = which drives people to sign their name, put their hand up, demand change.

Winning Digital Campaigns

  • 2017 #LetThemStay & #KidsOffNauru with ASRC
  • It’s YOUR World Heritage with the Wilderness Society 
  • Digital delivers record turnout for White Ribbon Day at the MSC

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