Landing Page Conversions

Whether donations, leads, registrants, or advocates, we can optimise your landing pages to convert – and back that thing up with some juicy data

If you’re acquiring digital traffic but can’t get them to convert on your landing pages, we’re here to help guide your through the landscape of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

Do you have time for CRO?

Getting traffic to your site or landing page is just the first part of the digital marketing equation. But getting them to take action & convert – donate, sign up, register, volunteer etc. – is the ultimate goal.

CRO is the process of incrementally improving your landing pages to give your supporters and potential supporters the optimal experience possible. The best thing about it? It’s completely evidence-based – on scientific testing & analysis – and can get results instantly.

Unfortunately for many non-profit organisations, though, it’s a detailed, long-term strategy that sometimes you simply don’t have the resources or time to dedicate to. Or if you do, you often get stuck in an endless loop of testing, and no implementing.

Reward your supporters with a great online experience

For us, digital marketing is about understanding the supporter and predicting their behaviour. Our aim is to remove any barrier that might prevent them from completing the desired action.

The online experiences we create meets your supporter’s needs, leaving them satisfied but happy to return to do more.
We work with your team to create, test & optimise new & existing pages to drive the action:


  • Donate to an appeal
  • Become a Regular Giver
  • Sign a Petition
  • Register for a Fundraising Event
  • Sign up to become a lead (see Digital Lead Generation campaigns)
  • … and anything else in between

We can back that thing up

CRO is a game of testing, learning & optimising – a game we here at Parachute Digital love to play.

We use a number of tools to:

  • Watch and record current supporter/user behaviour
  • Develop hypothesis to inform split tests
  • Set up and run A/B and multivariate tests to tune up your landing page
  • Get results that visibly improve conversion rate on your sites instantly
  • Help you increase leads & donation revenue

We can prove it with data and analysis. And we can do it all without having to tap into new traffic – just capitalising on your existing traffic.

If you need fresh eyes to help your landing pages convert, or just want to learn more about CRO,