Why mobile matters

Everyone is mobile mad

Mobile is the centre of every part of our lives and charities need to start using it to engage their supporters and donors.

Look at the image above. This is what our lives are like now. Wherever we are, no matter how mesmerising the experience is, how beautiful the view, how moved we are – we want to capture it and share it. People spend their lives now looking at, or through their mobile phone.
Charities are missing out on a captive audience.

Mobile is a game changer

Mobile has already changed the game in the banking and travel industry and is fast affecting retail, eCommerce and the supermarkets – but as usual the charity sector lags behind.

We want to see our beloved non-profit industry embrace digital and see what it can offer in terms of fun as well as revenue. So we’ve put together 10 Cool Ways to use Mobile for your Marketing.


10 Mobile Marketing Tips

For the love of digital

Parachute Digital is on a mission to educate the non-profit industry as to the great fun that can be had with Digital Marketing and fundraising.

You can join us for a digital marketing course in Sydney and Melbourne or come along to one of our Fair Exchange seminars ($30 for breakfast and education) – which we call Delicious Digital. You can also find some of these seminars live streamed online and via mobile.