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Digital Marketing for a Cause

Digital marketing exists to give your supporters, donors (and clients) an excellent experience when they engage with your organisation online. They may contact you via your website, on social media, come across you in Google or get an email or SMS. Digital marketing is about making that a GOOD experience, not a bad one.

Now Ssshhh – don’t tell anyone in the charity sector, but digital fundraising really is digital marketing. It uses the same channels, tactics and strategies that we use for direct digital marketing. It’s really the content and the ask (the fact that there isn’t a product to exchange) that is different.

Yes, we do digital marketing for charities and non-profit organisations and we love it! Of course, we are best known for digital fundraising, but that’s just because they have more budget than the Marketing Manager or Comms team.

Digital Marketing for a Charity is…

  • Content and creative for a digital – calls to act and engage
  • Driving qualified traffic to your website. Push and Pull digital marketing channels – email, SMS, social media, Paid (SEM) and Organic Search (SEO)
  • UX Design – creating excellent interactive user experiences on all devices
  • Continual, incremental improvement – Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) of lead capture and conversion pages
  • Strategy, Production and Development of interactive digital platforms and apps (websites, mobile apps, marketing automation, surveys, polls, petitions and quizzes etc)

In a nut shell – digital marketing for charities is

Finding people that are interested in your cause and...

...bringing them into your organisation with relevant information that they’re looking for

Giving them a next logical step to take and...

...then then keeping them engaged.

Digital Marketing for Non-Profit organisations

Until recently, not-for-profit organisations were very separate and different to the corporate world. Most conversions are happening onlineBut with the introduction of the NDIS in 2016 and the CDC, now organisations that offer disability services or aged care services, have to compete in a commercial space with corporates. Eek!

So now not-for-profit organisations and charities need to ramp up their digital marketing investment so as to compete in this direct response, commercial space. As in the corporate space, most conversions are happening online.

Do you need help you lift your digital marketing?

  • Increase the volume of enquiries you’re getting
  • Improve your acquisition conversion rate (from visitor to data captured and donor/ client acquired)
  • Nurture and retain your donors, supporters and customers with content and cross-channel communications.

Are you a charity that should ask for Digital Marketing help?