Why choose Parachute Digital?

We’re a bit different from the others


Here at Parachute Digital we love a challenge and there’s nothing quite like a new digital adventure to get our teeth stuck into.

What Parachute Digital stands for

  1. Our purpose is to connect people that care with the causes that they care about
  2. We exist to help your charity raise more money online
  3. Campaign for change – use digital channels for advocates to take action and create the new world
  4. Your charity needs a digital strategy that works across the organisation
  5. Your supporters deserve a good user experience – in 2020, there is no excuse for a bad online experience
  6. We believe that every digital strategy should be built on content
  7. The biggest issue we see in the non-profit sector today is a lack of digital skills. Our aim is to support charities to build their digital capabilities through mentoring and training

We believe that there is no excuse for a bad online experience.

Our approach – why we’re different

We want to learn everything we can about your customer – how they think and how they feel. We take this information and create content and experiences that leaves a user feeling personally connected to your organisation that you may have even read their mind. We put your customer first (even ahead of you, the client).

We know that integration is the key. Digital is not the answer to every problem. Integrating online into your existing business processes and marketing will deliver a much stronger result that any one channel can deliver alone.

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Our team of digital consultants

Parachute Digital is a small team of specialists, led by Shanelle Newton Clapham. We are marketers and fundraisers, designers, developers and data analysts who all believe that if you put the customer first online, you will be rewarded for it.

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Our happy clients

Because we love to work with companies who make the world a better place, many of our clients are not for profit organisations. However, we’re not averse to working with private or corporate companies as long as they deliver products and services to the marketplace that enrich lives.

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