Content Strategy

We design Customer focused Content Marketing

People are interested in your website's content, not necessarily your brand. Content marketing

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your audience, without selling to them. It is non-interruption marketing. It is subtle in its ask and it adds value without requesting anything specific in return. This strategy is deliberate. The long-term goal is a strong relationship with the user.

Digital content is about education, engagement and a general positive brand experience.
Remember, most people have very little loyalty online. They user Google to find the product or information that they’re looking for (how did you find this page?), they consume the information or buy the product and leave. If your content engages them well, this is your best change to get them to take the next action that you want – usually an email subscription sign up or an action or purchase of some kind.
If your content is memorable, they may come back again.

Tell Better Stories with OnlineCreate content once, then distribute it many times

Digital content marketing strategies

As a digital marketing or fundraising strategy, we create and distribute content that is relevant and valuable to your specific target audience. Our goal is to build a general awareness of your brand and make contact with your desired prospect.


Content online

Just in case you’re confused by the term “content marketing”, digital content comes in many forms:

  • articles and general written information
  • video
  • image galleries
  • survey’s
  • presentations
  • reports & research papers
  • polls and
  • interactive games.


This type of content (or engagement objects as we like to call them), aims to attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood audience, with the objective of driving a profitable user action.

By building your customer engagement strategy around content, the push (distribution) and pull (channel) opportunities are unlimited. Your content can also be shared through partners, affiliates and your consumer brand advocates.