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Stalking Supporters Online? It’s Clever, Not Creepy.

Remarketing is one of the best digital tactics, but grossly underused in the NFP space. Here’s why, and how, YOU should be doing it.

Have you ever had the unnerving feeling that a brand is stalking you online? One minute you’re browsing your favourite clothing site or booking into an Italian restaurant. The next, and as soon as you close that tab, you’re seeing rotating banners on the next site you visit, or ads in your Facebook feed or Instagram stories, of THE SAME THING?

It’s a little creepy. But that’s also remarketing. And it’s actually one of the cleverest...

Where to start with your digital donor acquisition

Don't know where to start to acquire donors online?

We're told all the time that digital fundraising and online donor acquisition can be quite daunting to a traditional fundraiser, so we want to try and break it down into some bite size places to get started.

Mamta and I just did a webinar for F&P where we broke all their records for most fundraisers registered, and attending - so we figured we need to share a bit more info as people are wanting to know more about digital donor acquisition and digital fundraising.


Finally Aussie charities are acquiring donors online

Direct to Digital - Monthly Donor Acquisition

In the last couple of months I've noticed several charities asking me to make a monthly donation online, via an ad or email. This is a very cool thing indeed. I've seen Greenpeace, the Climate Council and ACF each ask me in email if I will give monthly. This is an important shift because as you will see if you read to the bottom of this blog, donors that you acquire online (especially monthly donors) have a MUCH higher ROI. We have case studies from ACF, Fred Hollows, ASRC and more showing

How non-profits in Australia responded to #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve been following the #BlackLivesMatter movement closely. Racism is such a BIG, confronting, ugly issue that works as an undercurrent to thwart us in so many of the causes I work on.

I'm white. I'm trying to stand back and let people of colour speak for themselves and set the agenda. I'm listening and learning. I'm watching with quite a range of emotions - helplessness, anger, inadequacy, disgust, discomfort and disbelief.

As an ally I’ve participated in our local Australian #BlackLivesMatter movement, led by the Traditional Owners of our country....

Should you allow your monthly donors to cancel online?

You let your donors cancel when they call you – why shouldn’t they be able to do that same action online?

I like to think that I challenge the status quo more than I accept it. I know this to be true in many areas of my life – in fundraising, in our society’s gender-based stereotypes, in how I live, where I live and how I run my business. But in this instance – the options we give our donors when they want to cancel their monthly donation - I have been guilty of accepting the status quo, without challenging...

When you get a perfect storm for digital donations

One of my Kiwi charities shared a case study of a UK community fundraising campaign that was bringing in digital donations in droves.

It's a great campaign "Run for Heroes" to raise money for NHS staff in the UK who are struggling under the weight of COVID-19.

What makes it even better is that it was a stroke of inspiration from a woman who went out for a run, observed other people doing the same thing around her and had an idea about how to drive digital donations for the NHS frontline workers.

When my charity put it...

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