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iOS 14 changes are here. Everything you need to know and do

Apple have released iOS 14.5 and the impact of Facebook advertising is significant. As a result of Apple’s update, Facebook have decided to make fundamental changes to their platform for all users, regardless of device or operating system.

Facebook have been quite proactive in preparing advertisers for the change. But for many, it’s not a simple process. And there are plenty of pitfalls.

Are you prepared? If not, don’t worry! We got you covered. Below there’s a step-by-step guide on how to get back on track.

If you’re already prepared – awesome sauce! Don’t stop reading but! After the...

5 Digital Tracking Tips You MUST Implement for your website and campaigns

This article outlines the basics you need to have set up to track your digital fundraising campaigns – as well as five digital tracking tips that we absolutely recommend you implement straight away. Tracking your digital campaigns gives you full visibility into the success of your campaign and spend.

If you’re fairly familiar with Google Analytics (GA) tracking, then this summary will allow you to skip straight to the tip you’re interested in:

  1. Digital tracking basics
  2. GA Events
  3. GA Goals with Funnels
  4. How to remove GA parametres in reports
  5. Filtering out TEST sessions
  6. Google Chrome Extensions: Google Tag Assistant (for GTM...

Stalking Supporters Online? It’s Clever, Not Creepy.

Remarketing is one of the best digital tactics, but grossly underused in the NFP space. Here’s why, and how, YOU should be doing it.

Have you ever had the unnerving feeling that a brand is stalking you online? One minute you’re browsing your favourite clothing site or booking into an Italian restaurant. The next, and as soon as you close that tab, you’re seeing rotating banners on the next site you visit, or ads in your Facebook feed or Instagram stories, of THE SAME THING?

It’s a little creepy. But that’s also remarketing. And it’s actually one of the cleverest...

Where to start with your digital donor acquisition

Don't know where to start to acquire donors online?

We're told all the time that digital fundraising and online donor acquisition can be quite daunting to a traditional fundraiser, so we want to try and break it down into some bite size places to get started.

Mamta and I just did a webinar for F&P where we broke all their records for most fundraisers registered, and attending - so we figured we need to share a bit more info as people are wanting to know more about digital donor acquisition and digital fundraising.


Finally Aussie charities are acquiring donors online

Direct to Digital - Monthly Donor Acquisition

In the last couple of months I've noticed several charities asking me to make a monthly donation online, via an ad or email. This is a very cool thing indeed. I've seen Greenpeace, the Climate Council and ACF each ask me in email if I will give monthly. This is an important shift because as you will see if you read to the bottom of this blog, donors that you acquire online (especially monthly donors) have a MUCH higher ROI. We have case studies from ACF, Fred Hollows, ASRC and more showing

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