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A practical digital fundraising book with BONUS digital fundraising planning and reporting templates for download.

For some reason charities and other cause-based not-for-profits have been slow to adopt digital marketing and fundraising strategies. While your organisation may have built a website, launched a Facebook profile and started sending emails, you haven’t embraced digital (as a fundraising channel) to its fullest extent. And if you don’t know it yet you will soon – this slow response has been detrimental to your cause.

Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works gives fundraisers practical strategies to implement and showcases dozens of examples where digital has been a game changer for many charities.

“Online is a great channel for fundraising, but in the NFP sector strategies are not always in place or implemented effectively. This book clearly outlines great digital best practice and offers charities and non-profits a roadmap to follow. I’m looking forward to sharing this book with Blackbaud customers, to use these strategies and tools for success.”

Lianne McGrory, Fundraising Solutions Expert, with Blackbaud Australia

“There is no excuse for a bad online experience” says Shanelle Newton Clapham, author of this book. As consumers and donors shift their spending and lives online, not-for-profits are missing out on enormous opportunities to touch people’s lives as well as build their databases, increase their revenue and fulfil their mission.

Shanelle believes that an organisation’s decision to move some of its engagement and fundraising online is not about technology or money or resources or time – it’s about putting the supporter first and giving them options for how they want to support your cause. Putting the supporter first needs to be a strategic decision and a shift in organisational philosophy.

In Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works, Shanelle Newton Clapham shares over a decade of experience working as a digital marketer and fundraiser for some of the biggest brands in the world, analyzing how people think, feel and behave online. She has packaged her knowledge into practical information that can help not-for-profits (which are sincerely trying to make this world a better place) to embrace the opportunities that the digital world will provide for them and their supporters.

This digital fundraising book is designed to be honest and practical. It highlights the strengths of digital fundraising, but also acknowledges where online is less effective. This book is written to show traditional fundraiser’s why they should consider, test and experiment with digital as a fundraising channel. Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works proves that charities can make significant dollars online.

Bonus Digital Fundraising planning & reporting templates for Download

Included with the purchase of the Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works eBook you will also get the following downloads:

  • 6 x Digital Strategy Planning templates
  • 5 x Digital Reporting templates
  • 6 x bonus eBooks and white papers.

These templates are the real gold on offer.


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