Digital is one part of a Multi-Channel Marketing strategy

Digital marketing should be integrated into the overall marketing mix.
While we obviously love and favour digital marketing channels, we don’t believe digital will or should replace other marketing and fundraising. We know from years of experience that you will get the best engagement and revenue outcomes when you integrate digital into your overall marketing and fundraising strategy.

We integrate digital into your marketing mix

At Parachute Digital we advocate for integration. What that means is multi-channel marketing in its truest sense. For instance, your Direct Mail campaign will work harder for you when there is a digital destination so your customers and donors can take action immediately.
Your TV ad needs to send customers to somewhere – and online is a very convenient place.
Online is a great direct response channel and can be used to measure the success of your other channels as well as streamlining the user’s journey towards the end goal, a purchase.

Exactly how do we weave online into the mix?

Well, that’s our secret and you have to pay us for it. But, we have written dozens of free articles about multi-channel marketing and online marketing strategy on our blog, of which digital integration is featured.

But what we can say, is that we make sure that your online marketing channels are ready to receive and track incoming traffic from your offline channels. We want you to be able to clearly see where the revenue is coming from – but the best part is, that you will save money driving people online and the money will arrive in your bank faster.

Online Marketing SuccessComes when you integrate online with your offline marketing

Integrating Digital into the Overall Fundraising Mix