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My philosophy on digital fundraising, and digital marketing for that matter, is to always put the user’s needs first. I believe that if you create content and an online experience that speaks to the basic human needs, the donor will respond positively and you will meet and exceed your organisation’s goals as well. Integrating digital touch-points into your fundraising mix will create a better donor experience.

To me, digital fundraising principles are no different to offline fundraising principles. Both should focus on connecting the message to the supporter and making an ‘ask’, or request for action. I want every donor touch-point online to be a great experience that makes it easy for your supporters to take action, at the moment of inspiration.

Integrating digital channels into your fundraising strategy is not as difficult as it may first appear. There are many direct correlations between digital fundraising strategies and traditional fundraising strategies. The method of acquiring the prospect may differ, but the prospecting cycle, on-boarding and upgrading process doesn’t have to be much different. Your digital fundraising strategy will be most effective if you link it in with your offline fundraising.

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