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This is a book about online fundraising. It outlines practical digital fundraising strategies for not-for-profits to follow so as to better engage with their donors and supporters online and make more money through digital channels. Attracting Donors Online – Digital Fundraising that Works showcases dozens of examples where charity organisations have enjoyed huge financial success from their online fundraising programs and campaigns.

“By following the guidance that Shanelle offers in this book, we have gained hundreds of new regular giving donors in the last six months. Shanelle’s insistence on integrating digital communications with our traditional fundraising channels has delivered excellent results for The Wilderness Society. 

For us, online fundraising is producing higher quality donors at a lower cost. We couldn’t be more delighted.”

Cath Hoban, Director of Marketing & Fundraising at The Wilderness Society Inc.

This digital fundraising book is for you if

  • You are ready to integrate digital into your fundraising & reach new donors online
  • You have been looking for a way to increase supporter retention
  • You would like to see a 530% return on investment from your digital channels. Following the principles in this book, not-for-profits such as WWF Australia have reaped these benefits and more!

Let Shanelle Newton Clapham show you how to implement online fundraising strategies and tactics that really work. Put your donors’ needs first online and learn how to integrate digital into your fundraising strategies and be rewarded with better quality, and a greater number of prospects. Shanelle Newton Clapham has the evidence and experience to prove that you can achieve an increase in acquisitions, a higher average gift value and the possibility of a 5:1 return on investment.

  • Discover the four fundamentals for effective digital fundraising 
  • Learn how to maximise the strengths of each digital channel
  • Get ahead of the game and get it right the first time
  • Understand the metrics and make informed decisions
  • Take advantage of free templates and guides to get you on your way

Digital Fundraising templates for Download

PLUS with every purchase of this online fundraising book you also get the following downloads as a bonus:

  • 6 x Digital Strategy Planning templates
  • 5 x Digital Reporting templates
  • 6 x bonus eBooks and white papers.

These downloads are the real gold!


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