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So true, but not so easy to design for. Plus you have to champion the user, whilst also meeting business goals.


We believe that there is no excuse for a bad online experience.

At Parachute Digital we keep the user at the centre of all of our thinking. We know that if you put the user first, and give them a great online experience, the organisation will be rewarded for it.

All of our set programs of work include audience research and engagement. We don’t just “think” we know what your customers are thinking and feeling and why they’re behaving a certain way on your websites. We analyse the data from their online activity, we interview them and ask their opinions and we watch them to see how they behave online.

That’s why we can create websites and apps that make the user feel like we’ve read their mind. Because we have.

Continual testing to get it right

User experience, as a principle and as a planning methodology, is really about testing. We test constantly because we want your users to have a great first impression, and for that impression to last.

In the online world, this is called optimisation – which is a process of constant, incremental improvement. How your users are behaving online this year will be different to next year. As technology changes, so does the user’s expectations and actions. Through consistent testing and maintenance we can continue to meet their needs and deliver a superior online experience.

Put the user’s needs first online

In a digital aspect, user experience is about making it easy for the user to navigate your website and take action. In a broader context, it’s about having a great brand experience. And isn’t that what you want – your customers to feel great when they see your brand and to feel a part of the greater good that you’re creating together?

Putting effort and resources into getting the user experience right, means that your brand will be stronger for it and you will convert visitors into customers much faster (than other channels) and at a lower cost.

If you want to read more about user experience design and how it we use it online, you can find dozens of articles on our blog.

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