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When you get a perfect storm for digital donations

One of my Kiwi charities shared a case study of a UK community fundraising campaign that was bringing in digital donations in droves.

It's a great campaign "Run for Heroes" to raise money for NHS staff in the UK who are struggling under the weight of COVID-19.

What makes it even better is that it was a stroke of inspiration from a woman who went out for a run, observed other people doing the same thing around her and had an idea about how to drive digital donations for the NHS frontline workers.

When my charity put it...

Actionable SEO Insights: Winning With Content

So, you wanna win with content, huh? Great! So many orgs push their budget into paid advertising – SEM or social. Don’t get me wrong, they are telling great stories and sharing great content on these channels. But they are missing out on optimising they’re wonderful content through something that converts better quality, and they don’t even have to pay for – SEO.

Shanelle banged on about this in our SEO: Winning with Content Seminar back in March. You can re-watch the presentation if you couldn’t attend (thanks, Covid-19). But the general gist was:

We gave...

Should charities treat their monthly donors more like subscribers?

charities need to improve retention of monthly donorsI want to talk about the similarities (and differences) between the experiences and expectations of people that sign up to a subscription and people that make a monthly donation to a charity.

  • both selected your organisation or product because they believed it matched with their interests and/ or needs the best
  • both sign up because they want to (voluntarily)
  • both pay a monthly amount that is debited from their account

Bold Messaging for Charity Campaigns

*N.B. The above image from ActionAid is one of the concepts we put forward - it's not what they decided to go with. But I love the sentiment 🙂

I’m a marketeer, so I love nothing more than clever copy and an ad or message that gets straight into the heart of the target audience.

So when Action Aid asked me to “go harder” with bolder language that stepped (a bit) outside their brand voice, I was thrilled.

Brave Marketing and Communications for Charities


In the charity space we have to be very...

How To Combat The Decline of Email Marketing

The demise of email marketing has been foretold possibly since email marketing took its first breath in 1978. And while I’m still yet to see it pass, there can be no doubt that it is in a state of decline.

A 2019 report from Campaign Monitor notes average open and click rates industry-wide are in decline:

  • 17.92% open rate
  • 2.69% click through rate
  • 14.10% click-to-open rate

Compare that to 3 years ago in 2016 when we were seeing around about 27% - 30% open rates and 3% click-through rates, you’ll notice that...

5 Quick Wins to Improve Your Website’s Donation Page Conversion Rate in One Week (or less)

If you’ve read our latest work –Researching Charity Donation Pages 2.0, then you’ll know there are many things you can do to improve the experience your supporters have when donating through your charity website.

Improving the conversion rate of your donation website isn’t going to happen overnight. However, here are some simple changes you can make this week that will make an improvement.

Just how easy it is will depend on two things:


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