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How To Combat The Decline of Email Marketing

The demise of email marketing has been foretold possibly since email marketing took its first breath in 1978. And while I’m still yet to see it pass, there can be no doubt that it is in a state of decline.

A 2019 report from Campaign Monitor notes average open and click rates industry-wide are in decline:

  • 17.92% open rate
  • 2.69% click through rate
  • 14.10% click-to-open rate

Compare that to 3 years ago in 2016 when we were seeing around about 27% - 30% open rates and 3% click-through rates, you’ll notice that...

5 Quick Wins to Improve Your Website’s Donation Page Conversion Rate in One Week (or less)

If you’ve read our latest work –Researching Charity Donation Pages 2.0, then you’ll know there are many things you can do to improve the experience your supporters have when donating through your charity website.

Improving the conversion rate of your donation website isn’t going to happen overnight. However, here are some simple changes you can make this week that will make an improvement.

Just how easy it is will depend on two things:



Are You Making These 3 Mistakes in Facebook?

If you’re running social ads for your organisation, firstly, congrats, you are DEFINITELY not alone. If you’re not, that’s probably a discussion you should have with us separately. (Seriously, get in touch.)

Social advertising is prevalent across all industries, and charities in recent years are getting super savvy and sprawling all over key platforms. (Why, I’ve had to mute some ads as “not relevant” on my Instagram account, I’m so inundated!)

Orgs might be getting savvier on social, but there are 3 simple mistakes I see time-and-time again when I audit or optimise Facebook campaigns for clients.

Why OzHarvest Tops Our 2019 Donations Pages Research 2.0

Or when we were just on our third leadership spill just after Tony Abbott?
Or when we were asking our donors for their name, fathers title, and their childhood pets name before we let them donate?

A whole lot changes in 3 years.

Our 2019 Donation Pages Research 2.0 has shown that. A lot has improved, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the donation pages experience for donors. But one standout – OzHarvest – blew our minds with the strides they have made in the last 3 years to get a 100% in our...

Simple things that make your website work

Top UX tips to improve your website user experience

When building a new website, we all put A LOT of thought into it.
The design especially. The content for your website takes AGES.

We labour over the homepage and what should go there.

But so many websites miss the important and simple things that make it work well for the end user - your supporters and donors.

Here is an excellent list of simple things to make your website more successful (From Wired Impact)

1. Make your text a high contrast colour

Designers love to use grey on websites, most websites now...

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