In my professional life Mobile Marketing is talked about alot and there are loads of brilliant examples of how we use the iPad’s native functionality to build incredible apps with engaging ways to navigate (check out Bjork’s Biophilia or the TinTin app from the latest Peter Jackson/ Steven Spielberg movie) but its still not ingrained into marketers that they need to be considering mobile in their website content strategies or in their infrastructure and systems (while this is admittedly more considered than the former). But mobile marketing is here and it will not disappear.

This blog post was inspired by another. The below mobile marketing tips are not my own, I’ve copied them from a guy who claimed to know nothing about Mobile Marketing, so he attended a Webinar and these are the insights he got from his Twitter #hashtag conversation whilst participating in the webinar.

Mobile Marketing is on the rise due to the huge penetration of smartphones

Mobile Marketing is becoming increasinly importance due to the rise of smartphones and while Apple's iPhone definitely launched the phenomenon, it seems Android is gaining ground.

You can read the full article here: Mobile Marketing Webinar

  • #eMWebinar @noahelkin states that smart phone market share is in favour of Android and growing.
  • Big challenge for Marketers embracing Mobile Marketing: Lack of tactical and strategic expertise in-house & on the agency side #eMwebinar.
  • Search + display will displace messaging as top form of mobile ads in 2012. Video will have greatest % growth. #emwebinar
  • Mobile video advertising is expected to see 81.4% growth in 2012 with a compound annual growth rate of 69% over the next 4 years #eMwebinar.
  • More marketers are trying to capitalize Local intent. Thanks to Geolocation technologies. Better way to measure ROI? #eMwebinar
  • [Onlinexpert]Local search will dominate mobile ad spend (leveraging geo-targeting) is set to surpass national mobile ad spend by a 2:1 ratio @gannett #eMwebinar.
  • Tablet ads eye-catching and hard to ignore – sounds like nirvana for marketers #emwebinar. [Onlinexpert] The tablet is going to revolutionize the digital industry.
  • Back from grave? Email most successful purchase trigger (56%) followed by SMS (41%) trumping FB, Twitter, phone, 4square, shops #eMwebinar.
  • On iPad the ad is in the iAd platform that Apple developed to embed ads into their apps #emwebinar.
  • So messaging = SMS “messaging” vs. what you have to say to your audience? #eMWebinar// Yes
  • My take aways from #eMWebinar Mobile Marketing: It’s abt serving up ads on mobile (challenge: fragmented platforms), SMS, games, apps, local.
  • (Mobile Marketing vs. Traditional) It’s just the strategy that differs and things like user experience etc. which primarily dictate mobile strategy [Onlinexpert] Digital Marketing follows the same principles as traditional marketing, only the medium and how you convey the message is different.
  • (Mobile) search includes paid+seo and paid search can also be contextual.Good info on paid mobile search

And interestingly, even the banking sector, who are generally very slow to embrace new technologies, is jumping on board this mobile marketing phenomenon and experts are predicting that we will see a huge uptake in mobile banking as well as using your phone as bank account and wallet (yep, Google Wallet already exists).

To read the full article, you can find it here: Mobile Banking is a trend emerging in 2011/12

Google Wallet will grow in 2012 I

It's not an original prediction that Google Wallet will grow in 2012

I am using mobile banking, mostly to keep an eye on my credit card spending – I don’t pay too many bills that way yet.

Are you using mobile banking?