Short one today, just wanted to share some of the brilliant information I have found online regarding social media tools and ways to build your community online.

The Business2Community blog is keeping us informed with ways to measure your influence online. Don’t be fooled into thinking that sheer numbers reflects your true power, the age old testament of quality over quantity has never been more true than in the social media space.

Tools to measure your influence online:

And one of my faves, Amy Sample Ward, has invited a guest blogger, care2, to share their thoughts on the best social media tools to help you tell good stories online and build an engaged community – and twitter and facebook do not feature. These are mostly apps that will help you create great content that your users will want to get involved with:
Hubspot reminds us of the do’s and don’ts of having a business facebook page. The one that keeps coming up with my clients, and which I think many digital marketers can sympathise with, is the fear of posts and comments. The other, that is more a pet peeve of mine, particularly on twitter, is people that post the same thing, over and over. It’s annoying, please stop!
Jeff Bullas breaks it all down for us with some helpful infographics and handy for today’s blog post, they’re all about social media. I’ve pulled out the one that resonated the most with me (or rather, one that I thought was most interesting and least talked about) but you can see his 5 cool social media infographics here.
A friend of mine is a marketing manager at one of Sydney’s best universities but I know that she’s not particularly down with online strategies, maybe this infographic about how university students use facebook will help change her mind.
social media usage amongst university students - how to plan your content and communications to attract them

How universities could plan their social media strategy to use content that best attracts the right type of students