It’s my last day of work, in the office, for 4 weeks because I’m heading off to Vietnam for a training course (tough life, I know) and then I have two glorious weeks in India to kick back on a beach, go diving, read my book and probably pine a little for the internet.

I’ve been crazy busy getting everything ready but thanks to my excellent new web team at WWF-Australia, I’m leaving the fort in pretty good shape.

So because I’m feeling good, because I have a holiday coming up and because I’m going to see the wonderful Chemical Brothers tonight, for the first time ever, with 10 of my friends, and because its Thursday but the end of my week – I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why I love the internet.

  • I love that in a week @CharlieSheen can have over 2 million followers on twitter, simply because vulgar voyerism has a community of people larger than some country populations wanting to watch Charlie self destruct
  • I think it’s brilliant when ordinary folk open up their heart’s and use social media to highlight important issues. This morning one of my estranged friends, who I would never have thought was an advocate for gay marriage, had this posted on her Facebook status update: “Let me get this straight. Charlie Sheen is able to have a “porn family”, Kelsey Grammer ended a 15 year marriage over the phone, Larry King is on divorce #9, Britney Spears had a 55 hour marriage, Jesse James and Tiger Woods, whilst married, were having sex with EVERYONE. Yet, the idea of same-sex marriage is going to destroy the institution of marriage. Really? Re-post if you are proud to support equal rights!!!” – I posted it to my facebook profile and I really wish that I had been the first person to write this
  • It is brilliant that important social and artistic projects are getting funding, from strangers, because Perry Chen decided to use the internet to create a fundraising platform, kickstarter. Kickstarter helps inspired artists, photographers, directors, social¬†entrepreneurs¬†and just about anyone with an idea they think others will get behind, to articulate that idea and promote it for funding. The Sun Come Up project was nominated for an Oscar in 2011 because the project funded by Kickstarter members
  • I love Google Chrome – I must admit, and for my regular blog readers you’ll probably have already noticed, I kinda love Google. And it pains me. I usually try my best to support the smaller, independent man. I don’t want to jump on board with the market leaders, I bank with a credit union, I go to a small independent gym, I try to buy my clothes from boutique designers and not chain stores, I try to shop at the local grocer or when I can, the farmers market. I don’t like to support the big companies that are killing competition, but I can’t help it, I love Google, I love how innovative they are and that they are trying to do the right thing for the environment in many areas. Please don’t post all the reason’s google is bad, I’ve heard them. This is one area where I’m a little blind because I get more benefits than disadvantages, please don’t burst my bubble.

Just to prove I’m aware, here is another reason I love the internet and technology in general – because individuals can create pieces of work like this one, about Google, done for Hungry Beast in Australia.

So that’s it for me today. I’m in a good mood. Please tell me all the reasons you love the internet.