I was at a conference last week where they were using Microsoft’s Kinect to scroll around the screen of a web browser. It did look like a lot of exertion to violently throw your arms up and down and side to side in an effort to scroll around a page but it was pretty cool to know this new body movement technology can be used for the simple things, as well as the complex.

One of the speakers at the Conference suggested that Kinect may very well be the next big thing in Digital and that it would have already put Microsoft ahead of its Google rival if it hadn’t attached the Kinect technology to the Xbox as its launch strategy. This has ostracised people like myself, who are not gamers, into thinking its not for me, when it could be. It will be interesting to see where Microsoft takes Kinect after hearing this opinion. It definitely made me think.

Then I saw this blog by @Maniac13 from Amnesia Razorfish – a digital agency in Sydney. There are now projectors that use Kinect to create augmented realities right there on the wall in front of you.

I’m not even going to pretend that I know how this works or can do it justice in explaining it, so watch this video instead.

Pretty cool huh?