To be honest, this was not something that I had considered before but John Lynch from has convinced me that I definitely need to consider how Siri might change how we think about SEO for websites. John has raised, “could iPhone 4S Siri change the way we use local search?” And if the answer is “Yes, Siri will change the way we use local search on our mobile phone” then what does this mean for search engine optimisation?

I’m going to quote John Lynch from his article on Digital Ministry that highlights how iPhone 4S Siri can change how we find information on the internet:

iPhone 4S Siri means mobile search optimisation for local search is more important than ever for digital marketers

iPhone 4S Siri will mean that digital marketers need to focus on mobile search optimisation for local search

“For example, Siri can call you a cab after a night on the town by automatically processing information about local cab companies in response to the query, “Call me a cab.” Automating the search process means you never look up “cab companies in your area” in the search engines, avoiding the traditional search engine results pages and pay-per-click advertisements entirely, therefore limiting their importance and influence.”

From my point of view, I don’t think that this will eliminate pay-per-click search ads entirely, if anything Google Adwords will most likely form a partnership with Apple so that Siri can access Google Adwords bidding system and will start to deliver results based on paid ads, just like on a standard Google search results page. Of course Apple could use this technology to compete with Google and create their own system whereby advertisers pay for preference in Siri’s database.

But one thing I do agree with, Siri COULD be a game changer for digital.