Easy to use numeric keyboards on mobile

iPhone Numeric Keyboard options

iPhone Numeric Keyboard options

One of the best things you can do to make your donation pages easier for your supporters to give to you, is to use the right keyboard or keypad for the device.

For me, there is nothing more annoying than having to switch between keyboards to enter numbers and email address when I’m trying to make a donation on my mobile.

Its a simple thing that is often forgotten.

As the user is tabbing through the form on their mobile, being able to enter numbers easily on a finger sized numeric keypad, makes a big difference. It’s actually hard to enter your credit card number accurately with the tiny little buttons we get on the standard keyboard. And the donor has to switch between keyboards.

This could be the difference between them dropping off and completing the form.

You just need to brief this requirement in to the donation page developer.

Entering email addresses on mobile

Mobile keyboard with .com button

Mobile friendly keyboard for entering an email address

Similarly, if you’re asking users to login with their email address, its a nice touch to use the keyboard with the @ symbol or the .com button – just to make it that little bit easier and faster for your supporter.

Unfortunately neither the iphone or android keyboards offer both the @ and the .com button on the same keyboard – maybe its something for them to consider.