I’m conducting my first SEO workshop for the Nature Conservation Trust today. I’m excited about moving forward with their approved digital strategy and website content upgrade.

Nature Conservation Trust of NSW - Buy High Conservation Land to Create Private Land Reserves



I will first give the group an education in Google Analytics and show them “what the data says”. I will do a short presentation about what SEO is and that its not just about the meta data on your page and a few keywords in the copy.

Later in today we’re going to workshop who NCT’s desired audience is and what the role of online will be in engaging with them and moving them through the consideration cycle to buying high conservation value land.

We will identify what type of web content and engagement objects are needed for each audience and what the various stages are of each individual product’s consideration cycle so that we can develop landing pages and content that will address their needs at each stage.

By the end of the day we should have a good outline of the 3 core products, their target market and the consideration cycle. From here I, alongside the copywriter attending the workshop today, can recommend the pages that need to be written and highlight the key search and marketing landing pages. Of course this will also take into account the key search terms that NCT want to rank for and we will write the web content around to ensure that the website is optimised for the keywords in each stage of the consideration cycle.

It should be a great day.