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Shanelle Newton Clapham Consultant for not-for-profit sector

Shanelle Newton Clapham is Parcahute Digital’s principal consultant

If your organisation is in need of some digital expertise, we are digital consultants, led by Shanelle Newton Clapham with 9 years experience fundraising and campaigning for Australian charities. Parachute Digital work exclusively with not-for-profit organisations and charities. Our advice and strategies are tailored to your requirements, goals and ambitions.

We work alongside your team to build their knowledge and skills, develop the strategy, and help you implement it.

We’re not the type of consultants that walk away after the strategy is written and leave you to figure out how to make it work. We can do it for you, but we prefer to collaborate with you so that you learn how to do it, why we’ve made specific decisions and can run it on your own if necessary later.

Expert Digital planning and implementation

We have consultants that specialist in the following areas:

  • Digital fundraising
  • Business digital readiness
  • Webpage conversion optimisation (for donation pages and data capture landing pages)
  • Donor acquisition
  • Mobile marketing for fundraising events
  • Content marketing and Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Email fundraising & campaigning


Your Digital consultants

Consulting is such a broad term. As your digital marketing consultant or digital agency, Parachute Digital becomes part of your team and our aim is to develop your digital strategy, help you execute and implement it and them optimise it for the best results. This can come in any form that you need – a one off project or a long-term relationship.

Long-term relationships yield the best returns because we are invested in continuing to make your system work as efficiently as possible. We put all our love and experience into building your digital future and we want to be there to see it grow and you prosper.

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