Social Media Course – Introduction

Social Media course – Half day

Don’t believe in Twitter? Think Facebook is just for fun? Let us guide you through the social media landscape to find the best fit for your organisation to connect with and grow your supporter base.


Is this digital marketing course for you?

Could your organisation benefit from social media – but you’re not sure which community fits your audience best? 

Would you like a better understanding of how social media communities could help you to engage your audience and get more customers or donors? If yes, then this is the right course for you!

What you’ll get from this Social Media course

When you’ve finished this social media course, you’ll be able to select the social media platform that fits your organisation’s audience and marketing strategy best. You’ll also learn how to grow your community and increase supporters engagement.


What we’ll cover

  • What is Social Media?
  • Compelling Stories – What content and when to post
  • Differences between Facebook & Twitter
  • Other Social Media communities
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • G+
    • Pinterest
    • StumbleUpon
    • Reddit
  • Measuring engagement and tracking results.

Want to know more?

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