A 152% ROI on Social Ads

Jumping for Joy:

The Heart Foundation

How we delivered a 1.52 ROI for The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart p2p event. We turned $5.4k Facebook media budget into $8,200 fundraising income.


The need

The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart p2p event is beloved by all, but problematic to fundraise for. Why?  We all know that people give to people for p2p events – and in the case of Jump Rope For Heart: parents to their kids.

The Heart Foundation were also limited by data of participant school and students but wanted to expand their reach to generate more donations.

    Our strategy

    2018 was Jump Rope For Heart’s 35th Anniversary. We capitalised on the celebration by building a throwback campaign to celebrate their history. We used Facebook to drive engagement with the black and white historic images & the fundraising revenue followed. We also built out & hit our custom audience, where we knew they were most likely to engage and convert.

    The ads

    The results

    • 367 donations with a 10.60% Conversion Rate (CVR)
    • $8.2k fundraising revenue from $5.4k ad spend (152% ROI)
    • $21 cost per donation
    • Increase in active fundraising pages
    • Increase number of overall donations and donation revenue from 2017 (previous year)
    • A very nostalgic audience with large engagement on ads, resulting in high clicks & conversions

      The client said

      After 25+ years of Jumping Rope, we needed a fresh look at how we were talking to parents and jumpers. Parachute Digital are known for their supporter journey’s and their focus on content that converts, and their reputation is well deserved.

      The first Jump Rope for Heart campaign they ran for us saw an increase in the number of donations we got from the parents fundraising journey. The second campaign they ran for us improved the number of donations from Facebook. The third Jump Rope for Heart campaign was our 35th anniversary and the ad creative they designed was perfect to reflect the legacy of this historic school event. I find the Parachute team to be open and energetic, strategic and ROI focused and generally at the top of their game.

      Susan Williams

      [Former] National Manager for Campaigns and Community Fundraising, Heart Foundation