What is Digital Marketing?

We use the term “Digital Marketing” because we feel it better incorporates mobile, location-based & experiential marketing, than the more common known term of online marketing. But they are interchangeable.

Search Marketing Natural or Paid Search? Natural or Paid Search?Search Marketing includes both Paid search, which many businesses are familiar with, and Natural search, which takes a bit more effort and finesse.

Social Media Marketing It's all about engagement It's all about engagementSocial Media Marketing is a great way to expand the reach of your business and find new audiences online, but it isn’t a quick fix strategy, you need to invest for the long-term.

4 Digital Fundamentals Successful Digital Strategies Successful Digital StrategiesThere is no one thing that will ensure you have a successful digital marketing strategy, but after 10 years of knocking it out of the ballpark, we advocate four fundamental elements that you need to include in your digital strategy.Read more →

Email Marketing Email is still a strong channel Email is still a strong channelEmail Marketing is still one of the strongest conversion channels for many organisations. Here at Parachute Digital, we’re still big fans of email to convert and retain customers.

Mobile Marketing Focus on the future Focus on the futureIf you think about your own mobile usage over the last 5 years you can’t deny that mobile is a game changer. Every business should put mobile marketing at the centre of their digital strategy.

Digital marketing is how you engage with potential, online customers. Any channel of marketing connected to the internet falls under the digital banner. The aim of digital marketing is to build strong relationships with your audience, the ultimate goal being a conversion of visitor to user and user to customer.

We’re not going to get into the semantics of what your organisation may call its customers – users, donors, readers, supporters, clients or subscribers. At the end of the day, the digital marketing we provide ensures that these customers generate revenue for your business.

Parachute Digital is in the business of converting passive visitors into engaged, financial customers. We do this for non-profit organisations and for corporate businesses.

We specialise in digital fundraising, creating a great online experience for users and integrating digital touch-points into the customer’s journey.