There seems to be a divide between fundraisers…

… they seem to fall into 3 camps:Lead-generation

  1. Those of us who think digital will play a large role in the future of fundraising and we must get in before we’re left behind. The buzz word for this group is “brave new world”
  2. Then there are those who are hunting for acquisition and growth and are looking for the next big thing – the buzz word for this group is “diversification”
  3. And then we have the vanguard, who are prepared to try anything once. Some fundraisers will give it a good crack and will sincerely try to invest enough time and money to make it work. Others just turn their back at the first sign of failure, not prepared to take the risk long enough to understand the channel, to make it work for their organisation and brand. The buzz word for this group is “we’ll test it”.

Which group do you fall into?

What’s the next big thing in fundraising?

Marketing automation is my answer to that. But we’re here to talk about digital lead generation for donor acquisition, so….

While telephone marketing has been around for a long time, it’s really become a “hero” fundraising channel in the last 5 years.

Digital lead generation is also older than most people think but has become a “new testing ground” in the last 3 years, used mostly to capture leads for a telephone conversion for regular giving.

What’s great about this scenario is that fundraisers are integrating channels – and it has a name: “Digital Lead Gen”.

What does success look like for donor acquisition?

For some brands it is incredibly successful and they’re acquiring new regular givers for around $200-250, at volume and lower cost than Face to Face – and with sometimes better retention.

But for other organisations, it’s proved hard to make this channel work for them.

We want to talk about why that is.

For those of you who will be joining us for breakfast to talk about how to best use Digital Lead Generation and Telephone marketing to convert supporters into donors, bring your experience, numbers and opinions – and we look forward to a robust conversation.