Our Approach

The Parachute Digital way

Our view of how online marketing channels work together for a successful digital strategy.

Parachute Digital’s approach to building digital relationships is based on a framework of four core elements that we call the 4 Digital Marketing & Fundraising Fundamentals:

  1. A good user experience
  2. Compelling content
  3. Behavioural data analysis
  4. Integration with offline marketing.

Quite simply, if you invest the time into understanding what your audience care about and create your digital experience around their needs, you will also achieve your business goals. These usually include building a healthy database and generating significant revenue through online channels.

The online user experience

First and foremost we need to give your users something they want not something that is going to turn them off. The better the experience the better the business you can expect.

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Online behavioural analysis and data

We analyse your user data and gather insight as to what your users are doing and how your customers are interacting with your brand.

We can tell you where they are having great experiences that lead to sales and revenue and where they are dropping off.

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Tell your story through content

Content marketing is the art of communicating with your audience, without selling. It is about providing value without asking for anything specific in return.

Digital content is designed to facilitate a user’s immediate need or task, to provide them with information and to engage them in a positive brand experience.

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Integration is the key

While we obviously love and favour digital marketing channels, we don’t believe digital will or should replace other forms of marketing and fundraising. We know from years of experience that you will get the best sales outcomes when you integrate your marketing or fundraising channels.

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Quick summary of what we do

By investing the time into understanding your audience and delivering content and an experience that is relevant to them, we make sure you get it right the first time.

Due to the dynamic nature of the digital environment, all strategies are a continual work in progress. But if you get the foundations right, everything else is about telling the story and distributing it. All the data we capture then adds to getting it right more of the time.