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Shanelle Newton Clapham

Shanelle Newton Clapham

We don’t need a crystal ball to predict your future; our expertise and experience can provide all of the answers.

Shanelle Newton Clapham leads a team of digital marketing consultants and development partners. Together we will deliver your supporters and donors through an outstanding digital experience.

Shanelle will be your account manager, partner, best friend and confidante throughout the project.

Depending on the scope of your specific digital adventure, she will pull in area specialists from Parachute Digital’s network of partners and suppliers.

Shanelle Clapham is one of the best digital fundraisers in Australia

Shanelle Newton Clapham is a digital marketing and digital fundraising specialist

Shanelle Newton Clapham is the CEO and Chief Digital Marketing Strategist at Parachute Digital.

Shanelle is a Digital Fundraising Consultant but likes to call herself a “Digital Adventurer”.

What that means is that she doesn’t manage Google Adwords campaigns, she doesn’t do community management and she definitely doesn’t run your website for you.

When you want to try something new or get a new project off the ground, you call Shanelle.

When you want to do something different to what everyone else is doing, you call Shanelle.

When you have steep targets and you need a strategy that focuses on delivering actual donors and revenue and not just great engagement, you call Shanelle because that’s how she rolls.

Shanelle is pretty no-nonsense in her approach. She is upfront with clients that her digital fundraising strategies may well challenge the way they view the online landscape, but she has integrity and will always recommend the best plan to achieve your goals.

One thing worth noting: Shanelle’s clients will have to comply with her “agree to disagree” policy, particularly when it comes to music taste and political views.

But she’s not all drive and results focused. She brings fun, a level-head and innovation to all projects, and is also partial to the odd Friday afternoon boogie, just to keep things moving.

And here are her credentials

Shanelle is the Founder and Chief Digital Strategist at Parachute Digital.

She has worked to transform digital experiences for many of the largest organisations in Australia and the world including; The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Surf Life Saving, Plunket, Save the Children, White Ribbon, The Wilderness Society, Oxfam, The Heart Foundation, Plan International, Variety, Mission Australia, University of NSW, The Mater Hospital and more. Plus she’s got a hefty corporate background with Telstra, News Limited and Toyota.

Shanelle is one of the best digital/online marketers I’ve worked with. Shanelle’s passion, expertise, efficiency and drive is best evidenced by her work and results.
Andrew Balint, Chief Marketing Officer

Shanelle is generous with her knowledge, exhausting with her enthusiasm and down right brilliant.

In fact, if you don’t take on Parachute Digital and Shanelle to educate, create and manage your digital strategy then you are doing your organisation a disservice. So chop, chop. Let’s get started.

Shanelle’s favourite charity is UNHCR and her sweet spot is donor onboarding journey’s.

Bruce Clapham – Storyteller

Bruce William Clapham

Parachute Digital’s Storyteller – Bruce William Clapham

Bruce is a fundraising fiend. He’s quick witted, fun, and a great listener but most of all he’s one of the most compassionate and thoughtful human beings on the planet. He also happens to be married to our CEO Shanelle, which may have helped him get this role!

Bruce is not just a copy-writer, he’s a content curator. Bruce can bring emotion to the most dry material. He is able to write copy that engages the person as well as call the search engine – anyone say ‘Google it’?

Bruce is most passionate about the environment and music. He fits into the not for profit world like the middle-aged ladies that swoon around him at weddings and christenings. As an individual he’s helped raise $1000’s for MS, Movember, The Great Cycle Challenge and more and now he can’t wait to talk with you to figure out how what story he needs to tell your supporters that will make the world a better place.

Bruce’s favourite charity is (unfortunately for Shanelle) Movember and his sweet spot is writing a call to action that makes the donor feel it was their idea.

Mamta Bhatt – Digital Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

Mamta Bhatt is a genius when it comes to getting your supporters fired up in Social Media

Mamta is that intriguing mix of technical skill and creative flair. She’s a digital purist who literally lives and breaths the behaviour we tell charities that their donors will respond to.
Mamta is an exceptional person, digital marketer and if we’re honest, she’s Shanelle’s favourite.

Mamta is our Millenial (but definitely not token) and our clients love to leverage her insight into their supporters and future donors.

Mamta does a lot of the heavy lifting in our digital campaigns – she has broad shoulders and a thick skin. She’s a writer and producer all in one, able to maneuver between an interview with a homeless person, to understanding how people use their mobile phones to access services, then optimising your Facebook fundraising campaign while on the bus back to the office, to put the final touches on a complex marketing automation workflow nurturing supporters through the donor journey towards regular giving.

As I’m sure you can sense, we love her, and we saw her first! So if you want to harness her incredible skills for your organisation, you’re going to have to get in line.

Mamta’s favourite charities are Starlight, IWDA and beyondblue, and her sweet spot is content marketing and Facebook advertising.