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Our happy clients

“Not enough charities are investing in digital as a true fundraising channel – and they’re missing out!Online has provided Oxfam Australia with a new donor acquisition channel and we’ve firmly set our sights on growing this part of our fundraising strategy.Parachute Digital will open your eyes to so many new communications and fundraising opportunities and I urge you to try them, because they work.” – Adam Walsh, Head of Supporter Development at Oxfam Australia.

When we say that we are sought after, we aren’t bragging.

All of our work is referral based. this is because we under-promise and over-deliver.
We get excellent results, hence the good reputation.
We are straight shooters who tell you exactly what is happening and why.
And we are generous with our knowledge, time and energy.

We help our clients

  • Alleviate the pain of uncertainty. We explain the how and why of digital.
  • Speed things up so you never have to miss an opportunity.
  • Unite your supporters so you can tap into even more

Clients Love Us Because

  • More revenue
  • Better conversion rates
  • Engaged supporters

… in short, results.

Our future clients

We only work with organisations that put their customer or donor at the centre of their business strategy. Our clients are bold and innovative and in every way trying to make the world a better, easier place to live in.


We’re pleased as punch to have worked with and be working with:

Oxfam Acquiring new donors & supporters online Acquiring new donors & supporters onlineOxfam helps people living in poverty help themselves. Oxfam works to give every person access to basic human needs such as clean water, food and shelter as well as fighting for gender equality and access to education. Parachute Digital works with Oxfam Australia to build their supporter base through relevant online communications that mean something to each individual donor.

University of NSW Rebuilding websites with the user in mind Rebuilding websites with the user in mindUNSW’s Faculty of Engineering wanted a website that converted. So we got intimate with their audience and delivered a website that met their needs specifically. Over 18 months we benchmarked their online experience against their competitors, engaged with audience stakeholders, designed a new website navigation, implemented a new look and feel and re-wrote the entire website.

Cancer Council NSW Digital Fundraising Strategy Digital Fundraising StrategyThe Cancer Council NSW is one of the top fundraising charities in Australia , but their digital donations aren’t yet where they want them to be. Parachute Digital helps to research & provide context across the charity digital landscape to develop an industry leading digital fundraising strategy so that online can begin to drive significant revenue for this non-profit giant.

Hearing Care Industry Association Making hearing health a national priority Making hearing health a national priorityThe Hearing Care Industry Association wants to raise awareness of Hearing Loss to Australians. The HCIA advocate to Government on behalf of people who live with Hearing Loss and work with Industry to educate the public on how to prevent hearing loss, which is a growing issue of productivity. Parachute Digital worked with HCIA to develop a Social Media strategy to engage with the public and ask them to make their hearing health a priority.

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children Digital Readiness Digital ReadinessThe Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children already use digital technology to assist in the delivery of education and support programs for their kids and schools – but they could be doing so much more. Parachute Digital is working with RIDBC to design their digital future – for education, for student and parent communications and for fundraising. The opportunities are huge and we are so excited to be a part of it.

Lung Institute of WA Acquiring new donors online Acquiring new donors onlineThe Lung Institute of WA works with medical professionals and researchers in search of effective treatment for patients living with lung disease. Parachute Digital aims to link them up with like-minded individual donors via online fundraising channels.

2evolve Fundraising Digital fundraising consultation Digital fundraising consultation2evolve are one of Australia’s top Fundraising Agencies, providing Telefundraising and Face to Face fundraising services to charities across Australia. 2evolve has been looking to expand their digital fundraising offering and approached Parachute Digital to partner with them. We worked with 2evolve on some of their own digital initiatives as well as assisting with client proposals.

The Wilderness Society Engaging & nurturing the supporter Engaging & nurturing the supporterThe Wilderness Society work hard to protect Australia’s most precious places and species. Their supporters are activists and donors, mostly who have got involved in grass roots, local causes because they live in these places and want them to survive. Some conservation causes are the Tarkine Forest & the Cape York Peninsula. Parachute Digital works with The Wilderness Society to give all of their supporters, activists and donors the same online experience.

Mission Australia Optimising online fundraising conversion Optimising online fundraising conversionMission Australia’s appeal webpage was already enjoying a pretty strong conversion rate (from page visitor to donation) but they wanted to do even better. Parachute Digital helped them redesign their Appeal pages to help supporters consume the information quickly and easily and give users on all devices a better donation experience.

Lock the Gate Alliance Acquiring new donors through online Acquiring new donors through onlineLock the Gate Alliance stand with people and landholders who want to keep the communities free of gas and coal mining. Parachute Digital works with Lock the Gate to implement a digital fundraising acquisition strategy to bring more supporters into this dynamic, grass roots advocacy organisation and raise the funds needed to fight mining giants who think they can just walk onto private land and take what they want.

eHarmony Digital Media Consultation Digital Media ConsultationeHarmony are an incredible online business that gives their customers hope and in many cases, love. Parachute Digital helped them to focus their digital investment in the right areas to give more people a chance at love.

CanTeen Building digital capability & training Building digital capability & trainingCanTeen helps young people, aged between 12 and 24, cope as their world becomes a haze of cancer terminology, hospitals, treatment and uncertainty. Parachute Digital works with CanTeen to build their knowledge and expertise in the digital space so that they can make more money online for kids with cancer.

CitySwitch - City of Sydney Website content optimised for search engines Website content optimised for search engines CitySwitch assist small businesses to become as sustainable as possible. It was important that their website be found by business owners who were looking for information about green leases and office sustainability and what they could do, as a small business, to reduce their impact on the environment. Parachute Digital worked with CitySwitch’s copywriters to create content, especially in their Resources section, that was optimised for search engines.

The Nature Conservation Trust of NSW Protecting habitat & species on private land Protecting habitat & species on private landThe Nature Conservation Trust of NSW works with private landowners to manage bush-blocks and rural properties with high conservation value. What this means is that they have an abundance of native plants and animals that live on their land, often endangered species, that are in need of conservation. Parachute Digital restructured the NCT website and directed a rewrite of the content so that it was more user friendly, focused on the things that landowners care about and need to know and was optimised for websites.

“By following the guidance that Parachute Digital offers, we have gained hundreds of new regular giving donors in the last six months. Shanelle’s insistence on integrating digital communications with our traditional fundraising channels has delivered excellent results for The Wilderness Society. For us, online fundraising is producing higher quality donors at a lower cost. We couldn’t be more delighted.” – Cath Hoban, Director of Marketing & Fundraising at The Wilderness Society Inc.