What donors need to make an online donation

  • Quick and easy website donations
    1. One page, a minimum number of form fields
    2. Under 90 seconds
  • Private and secure
  • More than one way to pay

Research approach

We’ve asked and interviewed 180 donors and ranked the website donation page experience of 100 Australian charities and we can now emphatically tell you how to grow your online fundraising revenue.

In the first research of its kind, this study mapped the digital donation experience donors are getting in Australia, against our supporter’s expectations. What we learned is that out of 100 charities, only 4 organisations ranked above 70% to give their donors a great online experience.

Get the research summary report

Download the summary report to get the topline results into what donors want and need to make a website donation as well as clear steps for what non-profits need to implement on their website to allow donors to make the donation.

If you want to see the research in full and know how your organisation got its rank, please contact us at ask.us@parachutedigital.com.au about a benchmark report.

Download Donation Pages Research 2016 – Summary Report

Website donation forms that convert

The top 10 charity website donation pages do these 7 things:

  1. Keep the form simple
  2. Make it fast
  3. Tell your organisation’s mission and provide the solution on the donation page
  4. Use visuals to tell your story
  5. Make it secure
  6. Say Thank You well
  7. Build a relationship with your donor after their website donation.