Converting visitors into donors

Give them a great online experience & they will reward you for it

We convert your website visitors into paying customers
There are usually only two reasons that organisations seek out digital marketing consultants. Either you want to grow your audience and brand awareness (meaning lots of traffic to your website) or you need more donations. But let me guess, you want both, right?

Here’s some free advice. Digital is a brilliant direct response channel. You will have greater success online if you accept the channel for what it is – a transaction gateway. If you need more donations and revenue (more people who give you money), we can make your digital marketing channels work harder for you and convert more of the visitors you already have.

Once money starts rolling in the [virtual] door, then you can invest some budget into driving larger volumes of people to your website. The greater the number of visitors to your site the more donation conversions Parachute Digital can make.

Quick Wins - How To Improve Online ConversionsOptimisation is the process of constant small incremental improvements

Reward your customers with a great online experience

“Money loves speed,” is a phrase made for the digital environment, which is why online donations needs to be as quick and easy as possible.

Online Conversion Funnel

This is what Parachute Digital does for you. We work with your team to create an online donation and appeal page that makes it simple and fast for your supporters to convert via your digital marketing and fundraising (sent primarily from email or search to your website or mobile site/ app).

For us, digital marketing is about understanding the supporter and predicting their behaviour. Our aim is to remove any barrier that might prevent them from completing the desired donation. The online experiences we create meets your supporter’s needs, leaving him or her fully satisfied but happy to return again to give more.

We’ve built a program especially around converting your existing visitors into fundraisers and donors. If this is what your business needs, you might be interested in our Dive into Digital 3 month online conversion program.

Parachute Digital Online Conversion Funnel

Digital marketing channels

While your mobile or website may do the converting, something has to bring your visitors to your website. There are many digital marketing channels, but there are five channels that are best at driving quality prospects who may convert.

The most commonly used are:

As we’ve said, to be effective, these digital marketing and fundraising channels need to drive the supporter to a stable online platform – usually a website, blog or to a mobile site or mobile app.

Not every area of digital marketing is an effective fundraising channel for every organisation. The channels we develop for your organisation depend on your target audience, the action you want supporters to take or the product or service you want supporters to give to. However, your donor’s online behaviour is only one piece of the puzzle. We need to map their whole journey, from engagement to conversion to determine which digital marketing channels to employ.

To find out more about the variety of digital strategies used to engage people, please explore our site.