Dive into Digital – Maximiser Your Conversions

Our 3 month program delivers Rapid Results

Within a 12 week period we optimise your website to make it easier for your customers to achieve the task in front of them – usually a sale, donation or action. For you, this is the all important conversion. Our “Dive into Digital” Program also reviews and improves your existing digital marketing and communications, to assist in driving more traffic to your brand spanking new online conversion funnel.

Your visitors will have a better online experience and the conversion funnel we build for you will turn more visitors into financial customers.

Parachute Digital Online Conversion Funnel

A 3% reduction in visitor drop off rate could see an increase of 270% ROI in your online revenue.

What you get

In month one, we analyse all of the digital data we can get our hands on and talk to some online supporters. Next we make some optimisations to your website.

In month two, we build you a rock star conversion funnel that turns visitors into customers.

In month three, we monitor, tweak and further optimise the site until it’s sweet enough to get your audience swarming.

Results after only 12 weeks

By the end of 12 weeks you’re seeing an increase in revenue, a reduction in your drop off rate and we would have started talking to you about the importance of long-term on-boarding and retention strategy to be put in place.
Future acquisition campaigns will now deliver stronger numbers of financial supporters and produce higher revenues.

Which option best suits you?

We have three digital solutions, depending on your requirements

Option 1: We optimise your existing donation portal
Option 2: You use the Parachute Digital conversion funnel
Option 3: We build a custom donation gateway for your business

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Stay focused on the important things; give your users a better experience & drive revenue through your website.
If you need rapid & tangible results online, then this is the program for you.