A Digital Launchpad

Reward your customers with a great online experience

Invest in your online user's experience with our Digital Launchpad Program.
The Digital Launchpad program is for organisations that are serious about making digital a strong revenue driver for their business. We discover everything we can about your business and your customers and together we build a digital strategy and platform that will wow you both.

The Digital Launchpad will convert the digital skeptics into raving fans. The end results speak for themselves.

Parachute Digital uses a four-stage methodology to ensure that your organisation builds a digital platform and infrastructure that meets both your user’s & internal stakeholders’ needs.

We believe that there is no excuse for a bad online experience. We spend a good amount of time in planning so that the implementation is right.

Your digital project outline

  • In the PROVE stage, we build you an online conversion funnel that will reduce your drop-off rates & increase your conversion rates.
  • In the PLAN stage, we get to know your business intimately and create a long term digital strategy and project plan.
  • In the PRODUCE stage we build the content, web applications and infrastructure that your users want and your business needs.
  • In the PROMOTE stage we market the hell out of your new platform and watch the results roll in. We then optimise and refine so as to learn more and provide your supporters with the best online experience possible.

What does the end product look like?

While the PROVE and PLAN stage of the Digital Launchpad program are much the same for each client, the PRODUCE and PROMOTE stages vary greatly.

Each business has different needs, different customers and different targets to hit.
In the PLAN stage We integrate ourselves with your team and get to know your business as best we can so that we can work with you to design the digital project that will deliver the best possible online results – for you and for your users.

Your Digital Launchpad project might take anywhere from 6-12 months depending on the grandeur of your vision. We can’t tell you exactly what it will look like, but we can walk you through each of the stages. At the close of each step you sign off on the next stage and then we keep moving.

Digital Marketing Implementation Best PracticeDownload the (draft) brochure to read more
Digital Launchpad Program Brochure


If you want to know more about how we work and if you’re ready to launch into a digital strategy, give us a call.