Lunch and Learn Seminar

Common Problems we hear from Non-Profits

  • Are you looking for new donor acquisition channels?
  • Do you want to improve your ROI?
  • Does your board think Digital should be driving a higher percentage of your fundraising revenue?

How we can help you solve your Fundraising problems

Parachute Digital holds Lunch and Learn seminars for Fundraising & Marketing Directors of non-profits and charities so you can learn how to integrate digital into your overall marketing and fundraising mix to make more money.

What you learn over lunch

In a fun and interactive 2-hour seminar we guide non-profits through the digital landscape and show you how online strategies can enhance their fundraising campaigns.

We see too many organisations struggling to acquire and retain their supporters. Implementing some simple digital onboarding strategies can make your offline channels work harder for you. It is vital to stay in the game and there is no better time to go digital.

We show you the 5 key areas where digital can best be integrated into your offline fundraising:

  • Aligning your online & offline databases
  • Using digital to tell more engaging stories
  • Making digital the star of your onboarding strategy
  • Building your retention strategy around online channels
  • Integrating digital touch-points into your donor journey

Most of the gold is in the delivery, but here are the slides from our most recent “Integrating Digital into the Fundraising Mix” Lunch and Learn.

How do I sign up?

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