In-House Training

Building digital teams and retaining talent

We’re all about fair exchange and our digital marketing courses and in-house digital training programs is a direct exchange of knowledge – from us to you.

There are two types of training. First, there is the training where you sit there thinking: ‘I hope this is over soon because I may fall asleep & I will never use it anyway’. Or there is the Shanelle Newton Clapham type of training where you think: ‘Please don’t stop talking, because this is as valuable as gold dust!’. Shanelle shares her incredible insight and experience with such generosity, practicality and enthusiasm, that you cannot wait to put the training into practice that day. Why? Because the tools are business transforming.

Tony O’Halloran, Mission Australia. Manager, Marketing Strategy

Feeling a little out of the digital loop?

in house training - digital marketing

Digital knowledge transfer

One of the biggest problems we encounter in the non-profit sector – at organisations of all types and sizes and at every level of experience – is a lack of understanding about digital and what it can do for your supporters. But what we find especially concerning is that Executive Teams and Marketing & Fundraising Directors don’t understand digital metrics and their pros and cons.

Every Marketing Director should understand online metrics, so they can guide their team.

Build your team’s digital marketing skills

Parachute Digital offers in-house training for non-profit organisations to educate and inspire their team. We come to you and design training specific to your individual needs. We also offer executive digital coaching to improve your CEOs personal brand in the social media space or it could be giving your board a half-day crash course in digital marketing and fundraising fundamentals.

We’re on a mission to turn every fundraiser into a digital champion. 

Our in-house training is practical, with a lot of exercises and real time demonstrations for how to implement what you’re learning for your organisation, immediately. We want non-profit organisations to understand the digital space better and start to leverage it.

  • In-house training in digital for marketing & fundraising teams that want to build their capabilities to drive online initiatives. This can be in-house training sessions for your team in specific areas such as Email marketing or Search Engine Optimisation, or it can be one-on-one mentoring and training.
  • Executive coaching for senior staff and board members who need to understand social media or how to read the metrics. We teach them the strengths and weaknesses of digital so that they can make informed and adventurous decisions.

Practice (and training) makes perfect

We hear too many people say “I don’t get this digital stuff” or “I’m a dinosaur, this internet thing is for kids” and quite frankly, this is a bit of a cop out and usually an out and out lie because these very same people who claim ignorance are voracious facebook users in their private life, they have a smartphone where they use apps to do online banking and buy products from websites and they’ve been known to use Google a dozen times a day.
If you know how to use it as a consumer, you can learn how to use it for marketing to your supporters.
And we can help.
Just like checking your email has become a daily habit, so too can using social media and checking the online figures from the day before. Our bet is that you’ll become quite addicted to it (like us).

Invest in your team. We can show you how to use digital to great effect for your organisation – and inspire your team. Let us help.