In need of a Digital Strategy Session?

After participating in an excellent webinar from Parachute Digital, we made the easy decision to engage their services for a half day workshop to explore our online acquisition and on boarding strategy.

The workshop was a relaxed and fun environment and we were involved throughout. In a short space of time we were able to walk away with the tools and knowledge to get started on our digital adventure.

Murray Munro, National Fundraising Manager, Lock the Gate Alliance

Access our digital marketing knowledge in a strategy workshop

We offer digital marketing strategy workshops for organisations who fall into one of two categories:

1. You know what you want to achieve online, but aren’t sure where to start
2. You want to get into the digital space, but need some guidance about which channels will be best for your business.

We suggest kicking things off with a digital strategy workshop because this way you get access to all of our knowledge and we can start building the requirements and outlining a strategy while we’re there in the room.
This is a very cost effective way to start mapping out future digital projects and online marketing strategies.
After the workshop your team is able to figure out what areas of the strategy you need to bring in outside support for, and which areas you’re able to get moving internally.

A Meeting where decisions are made

Our Digital Strategy Workshops are not meetings. We don’t sit around a room and talk about what we should do. These are action sessions where we start the business analysis and requirements gathering, or if you’ve already done that, we can start scoping out what the strategy or project looks like.
Of course its your workshop, you can run it however you want, but we recommend using the time while we’re in the room to get into the strategy planning and high level talks about how it can be implemented, so your team can get started.

While Parachute Digital are the ones doing the real work in these sessions, we need the right stakeholders in that room so that you can provide a thorough insight into your business. This includes the areas that are in great working shape, those that could be improved upon and the real problem children that need to be whipped into line.

Half Day and Full Day Digital Workshops

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Workshops are a valuable exchange of knowledge. You have our undivided attention for a period of time, in which you can utilise it to grow your business revenue or improve the experience for your customers.

If you’d like to book a digital strategy session, you can choose from two workshops – a half day workshop or a full day session.

We conduct bespoke workshops in all areas of digital:

  • Website product conversion, development and optimisation
  • Mobile
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Web analytics and online behaviour
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Search engine marketing (SEO and SEM)
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising

When you book your digital marketing workshop, we will ask you to fill in a brief of what you want to get out of it and which online marketing channel you want to focus on (or if its an over-arching strategy).
We do this so we can come prepared for the workshop.

We ask that workshops are kept to a maximum of 6 stakeholders. There is no documentation provided outside of the notes and strategies created while we’re in the room. This is pure access to our IP.
Of course, should you want additional documentation and research, this can be arranged.

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9 Reasons to Go Digital

Book a Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop if you want to bring your team together in a joint vision for online success. These sessions are fun and insightful and will leave you gagging for more.