Digital Fundraising – in-house Training

Digital marketing training tailored for you

In-house training is the best option when your aim is to inspire and educate your whole team.

Parachute Digital Academy loves to provide in-house digital marketing training – we deliver what you need, where and when you want it (within reason).


In-house training formats

In-house training comes in many forms, from a 1 hour organisation-wide education in email marketing fundamentals or a 1 day master class in search engine optimisation for the people who write content for the website.

We have a wealth of knowledge across the whole digital marketing and fundraising spectrum and a team of passionate trainers who love to share their wisdom and expertise.

Let us inspire and educate your team in digital.

Why in-house training is better for your team

  • Educate and up-skill more people in digital marketing
  • Content is designed to your specific needs – get the most out of every minute
  • We come to you, fit in with your diary and work to your timeline
  • Get the maximum ROI – all the content is based on your online objectives
  • No loss of time and money with travel.

In-house training is like a finely tailored suit – our highly skilled trainers will expertly assemble a program to precisely fit your needs. Just give us your measurements (how much time do you have) choose your material (SEO, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing Fundamentals or many more) and we’ll provide you with training that not only fits beautifully but will also make you look and feel great and catch the eye of everyone in the room.

Drop us a line to learn more or call our Training Team on (02) 9188 4493.