Our Services

Digital is not going to replace traditional
marketing & fundraising channels or strategies.
However, it can complement, enhance and
strengthen your existing programs.

Dive into Digital Get Rapid Online Results Get Rapid Online ResultsThe Dive Into Digital program is designed to get rapid online results & act as a proof of concept that digital IS a viable channel for your organisation. This 3 month program is for businesses who want to drive serious revenue online

Digital Readiness Get ready to Go Digital Get ready to Go DigitalOur Digital Readiness program is designed to help businesses transition from an analogue way of doing business into a fully capable online business.Read more →

Digital Workshops Strategy Workshops for anything Digital Strategy Workshops for anything DigitalThe Digital Strategy workshops give you access to decades of digital marketing expertise for a half-day or full-day. Our Digital Marketing Workshops are for organisations who need someone to help them map out the way forward.

A Digital Guide Guiding your through the Digital landscape Guiding your through the Digital landscapeOur Digital Guide product is for individuals and organisations who are just testing the waters online & need someone they can ask directions from along the way. The Digital Guide is a private online community where you can ask questions at any time.Read more →

Our Approach to OnlineDigital Marketing
Your Digital Launchpad Ready to Invest in Digital? Ready to Invest in Digital?The Digital Launchpad is for the inspired. If you want to give your users the best possible online experience & use make online a primary revenue channel for your business, then this is the program for youRead more →

Online Marketing Consultants Creating digital strategies & implementing them online Creating digital strategies & implementing them onlineDigital Marketing Consulting is for organisations that want trusted, expert advice in the digital space from a partner who values them. Our online marketing consultants can work on a single project or become a valued member of your marketing team.Read more →

Coaching & Training Your Digital Mentor Your Digital MentorDigital Coaching & training is for executives and marketers who want to safeguard their future and increase their capabilities.

Implement as you Learn Online Marketing Training Course Online Marketing Training CourseThe Learn & Implement Digital Academy is designed for marketers & Fundraisers who want to champion their organisation’s digital future. This 5- week online marketing course ensures that you implement each of the digital strategies that you learn each week.