Parachute Digital SEO Checklist

Are you optimised?

Do you want to be number one in Google? Do you spend hours writing compelling content and sourcing amazing images for pages that few ever visit? Would you like a handy SEO Checklist to refer to each time you publish a new page?

At Parachute Digital we are firm believers that content is king and we want to help you make sure that your content is not only awesome but that it’s going to be found. That’s why we’re giving away our very own SEO checklist. That’s right, the step by step-by-step guide that we use before anything goes live.

Words are Key

Before you write a word you have to do your keyword research. Then do you know how many keywords you should have and where to use them?

Meta Matters

Do you know how long should your Meta title and description should be? Should you use the same Meta data for multiple pages?

A Picture paints a thousand words

A great image can really engage with the viewer, it can make them feel happy, sad, outraged or amused. But do you know how to optimise that image so that it will show up in a Google search?

Download the Parachute Digital SEO Checklist to make sure your next page gets in front of more people.