Digital Marketing – Products & Services

Your digital adventure starts here

Every one of our products serves you. Our aim is to make you look good. Every year we work together, your organisation’s bottom line will look healthier.

Along the way we’ll provide a digital education that includes understanding how your customers think, feel and behave online.

Soon you will be creating excellent online experiences that surprise, delight and convert.

How can we best serve you?

  • Our Digital Readiness program is designed to help businesses transition from an analogue way of doing business into a fully capable online business.
  • Digital workshops and our Digital Guide package are for those who are just testing the waters and need someone they can ask directions from along the way
  • The Dive into Digital is for those who are serious about driving revenue online
  • The Digital Launchpad is for the inspired. You want to give users the best possible online experience and kick goals for your cause
  • Digital Marketing Consulting is for organisations that want trusted, expert advice in the digital space from a partner who values them
  • Digital Coaching & Online Marketing training is for executives and marketers who want to safeguard their future and increase their capabilities
  • The Learn & Implement Digital Academy is a 5-week digital marketing course for marketers who want to champion their organisation’s digital future
  • Parachute Digital Academy offers several short courses to boost your digital marketing knowledge

Let’s set things straight

Most people believe that going digital comes at the expense of the existing customer’s experience. Well, that’s not the case.

We find our clients also worry that their target market can’t be found online. It can.

Many organisations fear that they don’t have the knowledge, budget or internal resources to be successful online. You do.

What you are about to discover is that your existing marketing strategies and customer journey can also be executed online.