Google Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics course – 1 day

Find out more about what people are doing on your website. Bring your laptop, login and get going with Google Analytics in this hands-on workshop.


Is this digital marketing course for you?

Don’t know who is visiting your website or where they have come from?

Can’t tell what content is most engaging?

This course will give you essential inside information about your website. Get to know your audience, learn about traffic sources, device usage and more. No experience needed.


What you’ll get from this Google Analytics course

When you have finished this Google Analytics course you’ll be able to analyse data from your website, read the reports and make informed decisions to improve your website to increase revenues.


What we’ll cover

  • The use of Google Analytics
  • Audience: who is visiting your website
  • Traffic sources: how do they find your website
  • Content: what info do the visitors want?
  • Goals & Conversions: monitor transactions and revenues
  • Reports & dashboards

Want to know more?

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