Digital Storytelling – Content Marketing

Digital Content Marketing course – 1 day

Content is king! Engage your audience with better stories and build relationships with supporters and regular givers that will increase your revenue.


Is this digital marketing course for you?

Do you want your donors to give more online? Of course you do!

To truly engage with your supporters you must tell stories that connect with them on a personal level. Great stories can turn a passive browser into a financial supporter.

Are you a content creator and storyteller for your organisation? If yes, then this is the course for you.


What you’ll get from this content marketing course

In this digital content marketing course you’ll learn how to use online channels to tell and share compelling stories. We’ll show you the value of engaging with your target audience and how content can deliver new donors and more revenue.


What we’ll cover

  • Engaging story telling
  • Who is your audience
  • Types of content marketing and content planning
  • How to use content as a digital strategy
  • Re-use of content across channels
  • User journey: from prospect to customer
  • How to brief an agency
  • Integration of online and offline marketing

Want to know more?

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